Society of Ropeway Technicians (SORT)

Membership Information

Membership Information

There is no cost or lengthy application for SORT membership. 

However, it is expected that members are currently or formerly involved in the ropeway industry. 

Worldwide membership includes ski resort owners, government officials, tramway inspectors, ropeway manufacturers, engineers, and lift constructors.

However, the majority of members are ropeway technicians.

Members’ information will remain confidential. 

SORT’s moderators are involved in ensuring that information is accurate, relevant and appropriate to the technical intent of the forum.

SORT industry forum registration is provided by 

Use this link for new registration:

then contact an administrator or moderator via message system for SORT industry access.


SORT’s roots originated in 1999 with Bill Wolf's creation of That website evolved into Industry only forums were established by the moderators and administrators. The Society of Ropeway Technicians was developed to better facilitate and recognize common goals represented by ropeway industry members.


SORT gratefully acknowledges the contributions of John, Jimmie, Alan, Jonnie, Cameron and of course Bill.


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